Top Ten Office Supplies Most Likely To Be Stolen

Top Ten Office Supplies Most Likely To Be Stolen

1. Sticky Notes – The number one in the list. Per piece or per pad. Your neighbor will not banter to borrow this sticky stuff from you and expect it not to be returned. Its normal for your Post-It Notes to disappear after a day or two if you left it in open space.

2. Paper and Binder Clips – “Gone in 60 seconds” Clips for keeping things nice and orderly are apparently pretty popular items in offices  across the United States. It shows that 3 out 10 of  your co-workers will get this from you.

3. Pens and Pencils – Never buy a shiny silver Parker pen if you don’t put in your shirt pocket all the time. These writing instruments are mightier than the sword. A treasure to you friendly seatmate.

4. Highlighters – Very colorful cute neon little thingy is a candy to the eyes. Probably mommies borrow these from office for school project of their kids and forget to return them back.

5. Notebooks – According to the survey, 35% of the office workers notice these items get lost often. Some old co-workers might be using these lil notebooks for personal daily diaries.

6. Scissors – They are hard to find when you need them. After all, you don’t cut something everyday. That’s because – as 20 percent of workers in the survey know – they are tough to keep away from thieving colleagues.

7. Staplers – And the lucky no. 7  the most-pilfered items in the list. Staplers , especially the color black were reported missing by 22 percent of the survey respondents.

8. Tape dispensers – It’s so magical for tape dispensers to disappear and find it in the next door cubicle the next day .  Although the survey didn’t measure seasonal fluctuations in office supply pilfering, you can imagine that the disappearance of tape dispensers grows as the holidays near.  Gift -giving workers seeks out the tape for wrapping sessions.

9. Binders – White and colored binders most likely go missing than the black ones according to the 8 percent of workers.  Office thievery said that binders most often went missing from cubicles especially when there are projects to be done right away.

10. Printer ink – The cost of printer ink makes it to the top ten of office supplies most likely to get lost. A co-worker will likely think- why to spend 50 bucks on a new printer cartridge when your office supply closet has it. That’s apparently the attitude of many office workers, as 9 percent of survey noted printer ink disappear without a trace.

For big corporations,  more than a 25 % of the workers found it easier to take the supplies they need from the office rather than go to the store and buy it.

Knowing this kind of attitude, it made many workers more cautious with where they keep their most valuable items. Almost 60 percent  said they hide their favorite office supplies in a designated drawer with a lock.

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