Taking Notes

Taking note at the office is very important. You can take notes at the meeting, discussions, when your boss gives you and order, when your coworker gives you suggestions, when you get good idea, when people teaches you how to do certain things etc on any other matters taking note is important. Otherwise you may not remember it later or miss important part of it. Getting frustrated not remembering or regretting because you didn’t take note is not fun.

Nowadays there are lots of methods to take notes because of the technology.
There are different pads, notebooks, laptops or phones and applications that can help you to take notes. But here is the question is it better than using the same old pen and paper?
Taking notes electronically could be faster than handwriting, easier to search through your notes jut using search button and put the key word. But it could distract you from taking notes time to time with pop up advertisements, technical difficulties like freezing, low battery etc. Also it is not a good idea using them, especially when you have meeting with the client or in an office meeting. You are not going to want to cover your face with giant screen. Also people get distracted easily and don’t concentrate to understand. They just concentrate on typing fast.

Plus when you take notes by writing, your brain works better and it helps you to concentrate, understand what are they talking about and remember them later. Also it is always good to highlight the main points or put a small sticky note explaining what it is about.

There are few tools to use when you are taking handwritten notes. For example note pads, sticky post-it notes, colorful flags, note books, pens, pencils, highlighters, rubbers, correction tape, and chipboard.

When you buy these products be sure to choose quality ones. You don’t want to buy pens that can be used only once, that’s just a waste of money. So choose the right brand and pick the quality one. Now I know what you thinking.

Quality ones are always very expensive? And who has the time to go shopping all the time?

Well not necessarily

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Overcoming the Problems About Note-taking