Sit-Stand Workstation

Sit-Stand Workstations
Sitting all the time at the office can cause you some serious health issues. Office workers mostly spend time by sitting. You wake up in the morning driving to work by sitting, do your work by sitting for 8 hours, drive back home sitting, when you get home you sit more in front of the TV. So this is how you spend all day in chair. There are some consequences for that. People who sit this much everyday have increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer (breast and colon) and back problems.

Sitting all day is bad, so some people try to walk around the office or some people try to work standing up on a regular desk. But who has the time to walk around when you have lot to do and work standing up on a regular low desk is no help when you constantly bending down.
Because of these problems sit-stand work stations getting more and more popular everyday.
So what is Sit-Stand Workstation? It is a desk workstation that allows you to work comfortably while you work by standing up. Sitting all the time is not good so does standing all the time. So you have to balance it between them. Sit-Stand workstation allows you to do that. You can adjust it when you want to stand or sit with the single touch button.

Advantages of using sit-stand workstation:
• You burn more calories than sitting all day

• It can lower your blood sugar
• Less risk of heart disease
• Decrease back pain from prolonged sitting
• Improves mood and energy levels
• Boost productivity

• Improves your posture
• Reduce eye strain
To avoid all these health problems order your Sit-Stand workstation for wellness from Bluebird office supply.

High rise electric dual monitor standing desk workstation advantages of ordering from us:

  • Dual monitor standing desk workstation transforms any sit down desk into a sitting or standing desk with the push of a button.
  • Easy tap technology makes operation of powerful electric motor quick and simple
  • Two monitor included at no additional cost allow for independent height adjustment of monitors; holds up to 25” wide and up to 12.5lbs. ea monitor
  • Safety sensor stops movement of work surface when obstacles are detected underneath it
  • Modern, black desk and aluminum tower provides sleek look; compact and build to last
  • No clamping, mounting, bolting, or attachments of any kind required. Stand alone; can be placed in a corner desk
  • 3 year limited warranty

Please visit our website or call us for more information and receive your special pricing on a newest, most advanced technological Sit-Stand Workstation.