Office Break Room

Every office should have break rooms where employees can take their mind off from work for a bit, relax, have lunch and catch up with other coworkers. Human mind needs to take a little bit of rest once in a while from activities whether if it’s fun or work. It will help employees to recharge and get back to work with fresh mind.

Every office break rooms need appliances, comfortable furniture, snacks, coffee, tea, soft drinks and cleaning supplies.

Appliances equipments:

You will need to have fridge, so people can keep their food cool and fresh. Next one is microwave to heat up food. Also you will need toaster and coffee maker for nice and cozy breakfast and to keep employees awake through the day. It is good to have cups, plates and utensils.

Snacks and drinks:

You should have energy drinks, coffees, teas, water, chips, energy bars etc small snacks and drinks or at least a vending machine that supplies all these in the break room.


Cleaning supplies.

Break room is one of the places that contain most bacteria in the office. So keeping it clean is very important. You should have dish soap, sponge, paper towel, sanitizer etc all the possible self cleaning equipments. Always clean up after yourself and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. Always clean and sanitize your hands after and before.

Besides all the break room fun there are few rules that you shouldn’t break.

  1. Never eat someone else’s lunch. No matter how hungry you are or how good someone else’s lunch looks you cannot eat it. Its’ not yours and it wouldn’t be nice if someone else did it to you too.
  2. Label your food. Sometimes people may switch accidentally if it looks similar.
  3. Clean up after yourself. Break room is a common space, so respect other people who are going to eat there after you. Also don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, you wouldn’t want invite any ants or roaches to the break room.   
  4. Do not disturb your coworker when they are taking break. Don’t bother them specially with the work issues. Let them be in piece for that brief time. 
  5. Cover your food when you put it in the microwave so it wouldn’t spread all over the microwave. Also take your food right after you heat it up. Other employees need microwave too.
  6. Do not leave food in the fridge overnight specially the ones that can go bad fast. 
  7. Do not forget to refill the coffee.

So keep those rules in mind and keep your break rooms enjoyable.

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