How to choose right Envelopes

People define your business by appearance. Because appearance and style is the first impression in the eye of customer. If they don’t like the first impression then there won’t be any further. So having nice office equipment is important. Envelope is one of the things you should consider to look nice.

For example I receive bunch of credit card or loan offering mails which I never open but once in a while they send it in a nice colorful envelope with a quality material and I only open them because it feels important.

When you own a business you send lots of mails using envelope. Whether it’s introduction of your new/existing business to new potential clients, sending promotion brochures, greeting cards, monthly statements, important contracts or even small products. So you have to choose size, material of the paper, whether you should protect it with padded envelopes, economic and color.

In order to choose the correct envelope to send in, you should think about all the diverse segments of these packets. Before somebody even touches your shipment, they will see it. This implies the size and shading will be the most important factors. Color can be used to make your letter or packet stand out to the client. It will attract them and it will be shown different than all other mails. Size is another thought that achieves this. Size must compliment the plan of the parcel and in addition work with within substance, yet it will likewise make your data champion above others.

Once those contemplations are met, you should think about weight and quality. You without a doubt would not print important documents on light gram paper, similarly as you would need critical messages to be on heavier weight paper. The same can be connected to your mailer. Your envelope quality and weight ought to mirror the message inside.
There are different types of envelopes:
Business envelope: Most common business envelope is #10 in US. Its size is 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″. It can be used for simple everyday economy use. It is made of thin flat material. You can use it for letter, card, monthly statements etc…

Catalog envelope: it is commonly used for larger materials to prevent from bending. Most common sizes are 6×9, 9×12, 10×13. You can get them self sealing or gummed.

Claps envelope: Clasp envelopes are same as catalog but it is more secure with metal clasp closure. Also there are clasp with gummed is available for more secure use.

Bubble mailer: It is a padded envelope to ensure your mail doesn’t get broken. You can use them for sensitive mail such as flash drive, cds etc… it contains integrated cushioning that helps to protect slightly fragile materials.

Expanding Kraft envelopes: It is a heavy duty envelope that can contain more documents. You can use it to send notebooks, thick documents etc. Most common expansion is 2inch.

Tyvek envelopes: 1 tyvek envelope equal to 10 regular envelopes. It is easy way to ship priority mails. It is made of durable and water resistant material. You can choose different sizes, styles and expansions.

I hope this little information helped you to choose right envelopes.
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