Forest Sustainability

Bluebird Office Supplies uses the principals of sustainability to guide our activities as an organization. We constantly seek out new ideas to help us better understand the systems affecting us, and strive to be community leaders in promoting processes that will lead to a more sustainable future.

Forest Sustainability is the balance of economic, social and environmental demands on the forest landscape. The maximization of wood production and minimization of cost should not upset the environmental and social balance of the landscape, either by removing trees at a quicker rate than they grow back or by paying insufficient attention to environmental or social concerns.
Bluebird Office Supplies actively works to dispel the misconception that a sustainable future requires the social and financial sacrifices commonly associated with “Going Green.”

Gone are the days when the only Green Office Products available were recycled paper and envelopes. We’re proud to offer hundreds of 100%-recycled items as well as many more semi-recycled products.

In addition to copy paper and envelopes, you can now find everything from Avery Labels and 3M Post-it Notes to rulers, refill leads and various filing and storage folders within the 100% recycled range. The semi-recycled range of office products is far more extensive. Today, green equivalents for virtually every type of office product you use on a regular basis are available.

We feel that it is important to have one place where all the available information on sustainability can be found so that those who make business product purchasing decisions can make more informed decisions by understanding their choices.

Our customers are our partners in this exciting and necessary initiative. As partners we welcome your opinions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions and comments about how to continue to grow our efforts toward sustainability in the business community.