1Website Updates

  • 09.05.18 - Added SOU41SM to products
  • 08.15.18 - Applied SSL site wide.
  • 08.13.18 - Added Swingline Rubber Finger Tips to Products
  • 08.10.18 - Removed Image Borders On Front Page
  • 08.07.18 - Added Tabbies to Products
  • 07.20.18 - Disabled Quick Tab Menu on Quick Order
  • 07.18.18 - FAQ Page: Added Website Update Logs.
  • 07.17.18 - Menu>Quick Order: Removed 10 Mil,Heavy,19 HP Duplicate Entry; Menu> Quick Order> Binding Supplies / Safety & Security Side Bar fix.
  • 07.13.18 - Homepage: Improved In-stock slider; Added item descriptions.
  • 07.11.18 - Homepage: Added Featured Items: Duracell Batteries & 4/8GB Flash Drives.
  • 07.09.18 - Homepage: Updated Worklife for July 2018 cover.
  • 2About Pop ups

    Bluebirdonline.com make use of a non-malicious internal pop-up to display our products, open register/login page, open cart, etc.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to close each pop up once you are logged in or have added a product in your shopping cart. This way you will be able to browse through bluebird specific products that are guaranteed to meet your expectations and needs within bluebirdonline.com.

    Pop-up Not Working? Please see this article for possible solution.

    Product Pop-Up page is not responsive for mobile users?
    We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.
    Due to the limitation of root access to our current CMS system. All product page that opens in a pop-up will not be responsive. However, tap and drag function is possible for you to be able to scroll throughout the page.
    We highly advise for you to use devices with wider screens such as desktop computers and tablet when placing order online.

    We will continue to find possible solution for this issue.
    3Bluebirdonline is broken?

    When Using Internet Explorer...
    Microsoft has ended the support for internet explorer, which means current codes, apps and programs on our website will seem to be broken.

    Read more here.

    Our website is compatible with the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge (the successor of Microsoft Internet Explorer available for windows 10 users)
  • Safari
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  • and Mobile Browsers
  • When Using Google Chrome...
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date ; Click the 3-Bar Menu (≡), choose help, then select About Google Chrome. Your browser will automatically start updating and once done restart your browser. Please proceed to the next step if this doesn't resolve the issue.
  • Clear your Browser's Cache and other Browser's Data. To do this, click the 3-Bar Menu (≡), then choose More Tools, then Erase/Clear Browser Data.In the next Dialog, choose Cache, then confirm.
  • No success? Please reset your Browser's Settings in the next Step. Use the Menu again, then choose Settings, then Advanced Settings. Now use the last Option on the Page: Reset Settings.
  • Still no luck? Please open a Incognito Window (Press CTRL+SHIFT+N) and test again. If everything works fine now, it's likely a Extension responsible for the problem.
  • 4Security Issues: Not Secure, untrusted website or might contain malicious script?

    Don't panic. This is normal, since our website is newly developed and is not yet added to your anti virus trusted website database.
    Rest assured that any internal pop-up coming from this website is secure and does not contain any malicious script or virus.

    Solution: Please advise your I.T. to add the following website to your antivirus trust list or white list;
  • https://bluebirdonline.com/
  • https://www2.ecinteractiveplus.com/0463
  • https://www2.ecinteractiveplus.com/0463/

  • Below are external links for the step by step procedure on how to add our website to your anti virus trust/white list;

    IMPORTANT: Our chat support is the only external pop up on our website to ease your website navigation. Please report any external pop up/new window or tab that opens when you navigate bluebirdonline.com.
    5Broken Links, Very Slow Page or Pop-up?

  • Broken links: Our suppliers updates their products every now and then, thus it may result in a broken link, error 404 or page cannot be found.

  • Solution: Please contact or email us with the error details to correct this issue.

  • Very Slow Page or Pop-up: Please note that only the initial load of pop up might prove to be slower by a few seconds. If our page take more than 5 seconds to load a page despite good internet connection
    Solution: Please contact or email us with the error details to correct this issue..
  • 6Ordering Exhibit Tabs

    Individual Blank, Alphabet or Numeric Tabs
    Please be advised that minimum order for an individual tab is 25 pcs.
    Wherein 25 pieces is equivalent to 1 pack and 10 packs (250 pieces) is equivalent to 1 box.
    7Hours Of Operations

    Our Office in All locations are open from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

    IMPORTANT: Will-call/Pick up for Santa Ana location is only available until 4pm.