Binders are one of the best ways to organize your paperwork. Nowadays a lot of documents are on computer but still there are lots of paperwork remains especially in law offices, paralegals, or any companies. Keeping your document in right order will save your time and energy in the future when you need to pull them back out. Also it will save you space and your office will look nice and organized.

Image and style is very important. If you have nice and organized file for your clients and employees it will bring you positive effects. No one likes to go through chaotic documents. It is even hard for the eyes to concentrate.

Binders will keep your documents clean, organized. You can choose from different sizes, styles, colors and rings depending on your purpose. Also it would help if you use exhibit tabs that have printed numbers, letters or even custom words that you want it to say when you file your documents.

There are different types of binders. For instance view binders, non view label on the spine binders, D ring binders, Round ring binders etc… Most popular sizes are 1”, 1.5”,2”,3”,4”, and 5” inch. If you want show your clients small documents such as agreement, contract, product information, company information etc you can choose 1, 1.5, or 2 inch binders. But if you need to file document at the office or for large case etc… you can choose 3, 4, 5 inch binders. The bigger size binders have lock inside so your files won’t get loose. Also there are 6” and 7” inch binders available.

When you purchase binders make sure you get the quality ones with the thick board and durable ring. Also make sure the outside covers are nice and clear so you can put posters or any fliers, notes to show what is inside the binder. If you have additional special instructions you want to put you can get binders that have internal pockets.
There are many other ways to use binders. Such as:
• Owner’s manual
• Presentations
• Employee handbook
• Scrapbook
• For school materials
• Team projects
• Price list
• Artwork
• Stamp collection
• Product information
• Agreements/ contracts
and many others. Also you can get sheet protector, and you can buy pre-hole punch papers for your binders.

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